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Our Japanese chefs are very experienced in Japanese Ramen, and they acquired skills for exquisite Ramen directly from Michelin Bib Gourmand awarded chef Mr. Hideto Kawahara. Currently, a few Dutch chefs are learning our unique Ramen cooking method at our kitchen.


It is a typical and traditional Japanese cuisine loved and enjoyed by people in Japan from all the generations across the history. A variety of noodles are bathed and served in a variety of soup stocks. Therefore, the variety of ramen is infinite and countless. There are approximately 51,000 ramen restaurants in Japan, whereas the number of sushi restaurants sums up to approximately 45,000. So, I guess Ramen is very popular among Japanese people.


Our noodles are manufactured accordingly to the unique tastes of our broth soups. At Vatten Ramen Kerkstraat, our chefs use the special dried-noodles named ‘No. 26’ from Hakata, Japan and the curly al-dente noodles. For Vegan Ramen, we only use the gluten free rice noodles.


At Vatten Ramen Kerkstraat, we serve healthy white broth soup made from locally-produced Dutch chicken, which was deeply stewed for two days in our kitchen by our Japanese chefs. Also, we serve soy sauce bonito & seaweed soup, which gives traditional Japanese mild taste. In the end, our chefs developed completely animal-product-free soup for Vegan Ramen.


As we produce Ramen in Amsterdam, we have to combine Japanese traditions and modern Western concepts, of which accomplishments are almost ‘beautiful arts in bowls’. The mixture of good parts of many ideas is our core value. Therefore, we appreciate and respect all the people living and thriving in the great city of Amsterdam. Vatten Ramen crews serve the best Ramen bowls for the smiles of every customer.

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