The name ‘VATTEN RAMEN’ is inspired by the triple crosses symbol of the city flag of Amsterdam, where in Japanese, the word ‘Vatten’ means a cross. ‘Vatten’ is also a word used, meaning ‘however, in the Kyushu region of Japan where the owners and co-founders, Mr. Yuta Tomiyasu and Mr. Hideto Kawahara, were raised.
400 years ago, this particular area is historically known for being only allowed to trade with the Netherlands during the Japanese Edo period. It is no exaggeration then to say that the culture of this area and its society has been largely influenced by the Dutch culture during the Japanese isolation – Sakoku – period. This might as well mean that Dutch people may have had the same ramen for lunch and dinner 400 years ago in Japan too!

Tori Paitan (鶏白湯) vs Tonkotsu

Many tourists that visit Japan often say Tonkotsu is their favorite as they love the thick, creamy and flavorful broth. However very few know about its chicken based cousin: Tori Paitan.  “Tori” stands for chicken and “Paitan” refers to a white and creamy soup. We boil down the Chichke bones for at least 6 hours untill all the flavors come out and create a thick, creamy chicken bone broth. At the Kerkstraat we have put all our efforts in perfecting this broth to serve our Vatten Ramen!

At our newest shop on the Zeedijk we went a step further and also started making the Tonkotsu (pork bone broth) Ramen. Please come and visit our restaurant to see which one is your favorite!

Vegan Ramen

At Vatten Ramen we also put a continuous effort in perfecting our Vegan Menu. The Vegan Ramen and vegan gyoza have become an instant hit and we are exploring other options to expand our healthy and environmental friendly counterparts!

A valuable experience shared with customers in Amsterdam!


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