About us

The name Vatten Ramen is inspired by the triple crosses in Amsterdam’s coat of arms, the word ‘vatten’ means ‘cross’ in Japanese. Originally founded by the well-known Japanese Michelin chef Hideto Kawahara, we have established ourselves in Amsterdam in 2017. Our mission at Vatten Ramen is to create a bridge between the Japanese cuisine and tradition and the edgy cosmopolitan spirit of the European capital of Amsterdam. This is what we aim to reflect in our food, service and atmosphere. Our restaurant is located in the bustling Zeedijk, Amsterdam’s own Chinatown and trendy neighbourhood, home of famous streetwear brands, such as Patta and Stussy and some of the best choices for Asian food and shopping in the whole city. We are known to have some of the best canal views in town and a very gezellig and hip vibe.

Our Broth

At Vatten Ramen we highly value having homemade quality products. Our broth is the core element of our ramen and we make sure it is made with dedication and the freshest ingredients. We produce two different base ramen broths, a kotteri chicken broth and an assari vegan broth. Both are homemade and created from scratch. Our chicken broth is made in the tori paitan style, a chicken version of the well known tonkotsu. Its deep flavour and rich and creamy consistency comes from it being slow cooked for eight hours. The vegan broth at Vatten is a shoyu style, light and clear ramen broth with a bold soy and shiitake flavour. Both our broths serve as a the base for our ramen recipes, we have four chicken ramen options and four vegan. Our menu tries to incorporate the traditional values of the Japanese ramen cuisine with modern Western concepts. Among our menu choices you can find iconic classics like the creations of our own.

Our Noodles

It has been one of our main goals since the very beginning to produce our own noodles at Vatten. This dream is finally within our grasp and we will soon be serving our ramen with fresh homemade noodles. In the meantime we will continue serving the Tokyo and Sapporo noodles from our trusted Japanese-Hawaiian brand Sun Noodle.


Whether you are in the mood to share or not, we highly recommend that you try our starters and appetisers. We offer a well balanced selection between vegan and meat-based options. Just like our ramen, most of our small dishes, are handmade. We are particularly proud of our gyoza and our karaage.