March until June

‘Pretty Poison’ by Ellyn Bouscasse

Elegant, mystical and raw.

The dark and elegant painting collection seamlessly marries sophistication with an aura of mystery. Each piece showcases diverse deep, velvety tones, where shadows gracefully dance together, creating an atmosphere of timeless elegance and depth.

This collection invites viewers to explore a world where darkness and elegance intertwine, giving rise to a captivating visual symphony.


“Hi there, I’m Ellyn Bouscasse (’93), French painter, and I’ve nestled into the vibrant art scene of
Amsterdam. But here’s a fun twist – I wasn’t always an artist. My journey began in the world of software engineering, where lines of code were my daily canvas. Yet, something more colorful was calling my name.
I swapped out my keyboard for brushes and a spectrum of paints, and haven’t looked back since. My art? It’s a vivid expression of my life’s emotions, a dance of hues that narrates my story.”

Ellyn’s website and instagram.